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Milkweed plants for Monarch and other interesting butterflies and moths.

Agathodes designalis, Cycnia inopinatus,  Danaus gilippus (Queen),  Danaus eresimus (Soldier), Ectypia clio, Euchaetes elegans, Lerina incarnata,  Pygarctia eglenensis, Pyrrharctia isabella, Spodoptera frugiperda, Trichordestra legitima

Asclepias curassavica tropical milkweed
Type: Perennial
Hardiness range: 9A - 11
Height: 6" to 30"
Spread: n/a
Growth rate: Average
Exposure: Full sun
Bloom color: Red, yellow
Bloom season: Mid Summer to Mid Fall
Bloom attributes: Attracts butterflies, suitable for cut flowers
Leaf color: Green
Water requirements: Moist
Soil pH requirements: Acidic, neutral, slightly alkaline
Soil type: Sandy, clay, loamy
Form: Upright or erect
Landscape uses: Border, container, massing
Attributes and features: Host plant for Monarch and Queen

All healthy, pestacide free milkweed starter plants.
Ready to grow into large leafy plants to feed your Monarch butterflies.
Plants are not yet large enough to feed caterpillars.

All orders will receive complete growing
 instructions and Free milkweed seeds
Due to shipping time and heat some leaves will yellow or fall off.
Not to worry as Milkweed regenerates quite quickly

Milkweed plant  raising monarch butterflies

One of these
Milkweed Cuttings for Monarch Butterflies

will grow into
one of these

Feeding Monarch Butterflies

Plants will not ship between  November 15th and March 1st
Due to the high volume demand on plant cuttings
we strongly recommend ordering as soon as possible.

Milkweed cuttings are bundled
in groups of 10 stems. Most will be doubled in each peat pot some are individual.

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Monarch Milkweed Plants  

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100 - $95.99
200 - $185.99


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