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Spacious Stand-Alone Design
DomeHouse™  Model #FHDO800

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The DomeHouse™   NOW AVAILABLE !

The DomeHouse™ is the largest most spectacular FlowerHouse™ greenhouse yet!  Weighing 67lbs in its compact (17”x 45”) carry pack, the DomeHouse™ unfolds into an enormous 10ft high, 14ft diameter greenhouse with a total 156 square feet of greenhouse pleasure!

And as with all FlowerHouses, the DomeHouse™ is easily assembled with no tools required.

One large screened door provides access ease.
11 screened vent openings allow for optimum air circulation and the see- through screens protect your plants from insects, birds and other pests. Straps are attached to the side of the doorway and above the vents to hold them open while you work in your garden or ventilate your DomeHouse™.

The vents allow outside air to circulate throughout the DomeHouse™ and prepare plants for outdoor conditions. Plants remain protected from wind, frost and snow during the hardening off period in spring.
With the vents closed, the Gro-Tec™ material will promote and maintain high humidity levels desirable for a superior growing environment. This is a natural greenhouse effect and will benefit the growth of your plants. The Gro-Tec™ material is UV resistant for longer life. It is 100% waterproof and is constructed with rip stop protection.

To prevent damage to your DomeHouse™ due to high winds or snow, it is essential to attach and insert ALL of the ground stakes and high wind tie downs (provided) upon set-up.

The DomeHouse™ is perfect for improving climatic conditions in all geographic locations.

Openings for water hose, power cords, etc.
Perfect for
Openings for water hose, power cords, etc.
2 portholes for Hoses,
Power cords, etc.
Openings for water hose, power cords, etc.
4 Top Window Openings
Zippered Windows
7 Bottom Window Openings

Easy Set Up, Take Down
and Store in seconds
with no tools required

• 14 ft. diameter x 10 ft. tall
•  4 Top Window Openings
• 7 Bottom Window Openings
• 100% Waterproof Gro-Tec™ 
(UV resistant with rip stop protection)
• Includes Ground Stakes
• Includes High-wind Tie-downs
• 2 convenient accesses for
water hose, power cord, etc.
• Carrying Pack
• Weighs 67 lbs.


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