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Spacious Stand-Alone Design
HotHouse™  Model #FHLH350
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The revolutionary  HotHouse™ fits snuggly up to any standard size door of your house, shed or garage. This unique design features 2 doors. 1 door aligns with the existing external door of your home, the other provides outside access. The roof of the HotHouse™ is slanted to ensure that precipitation runs away from your house. Perfect for placement close to your kitchen for convenient access to your fresh HotHouse™ grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

"Walk right into your greenhouse"

Compact and lightweight, the HotHouse™ requires no tools to set-up, or takedown and stores in minutes! In addition to the doors, two screen vented windows provide optimum ventilation and pest protection. Adjust the windows to create the perfect environment for your plants. Close the screens and windows to promote and maintain high temperature and humidity levels optimum for plant growth. All FlowerHouse™ greenhouses are constructed with the incredibly durable Gro-tec™ material. Gro-tec™ is UV resistant, waterproof and features rip stop protection.

Openings for water hose, power cords, etc.
2 openings for Hoses,
Power cords, etc.
Openings for water hose, power cords, etc.
2 Zippered Screened
Window Openings

HotHouse™ shown with Shade Cover
Light weight - Easy to carry
Complete with Carrying Case

Easy Set Up, Take Down
and Store in seconds
with no tools required

• 7.5' high x 6' wide x 6' deep
•  2 zippered screened doors
    (30" x 67")
• 2 zippered screened vent windows
    (30" x 18")
• 100% Waterproof Gro-Tec™ 
(UV resistant with rip stop protection)
• Includes Ground Stakes
• Includes High-wind Tie-downs
• 2 portholes for hoses, power cords...
• Carrying Pack
• Weighs 35 lbs.


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•  Choosing a Location
•  Maintenance & Storage
•  Maximizing Your Space
•  Temperature & Ventilation
Watering in Your FlowerHouse

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