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Choosing a Location
While it is entirely up to you where you place your FlowerHouse™, keep in mind that its locality will make all the difference to your garden.  Place your FlowerHouse™ on flat, even ground and if possible, raised above the surrounding

ground.  This will allow for good drainage of rainwater. Choose an area where there will be maximum exposure to the sun.  Your FlowerHouse™ garden will benefit from the immense sunlight.  If all day exposure is not possible, morning sun from the east is second best. With sun first thing in the morning your plants can begin photosynthesis early, thus, maximize growth throughout the day.  If you are planning to use your FlowerHouse™ year-round, place it where it would allow for the most winter sun exposure.



FlowerHouse™ products should not be used in extremely high winds that exceed 70 mph. Use in such conditions may result in damage to your FlowerHouse™ or plants, or severe injury to you.  Protect your FlowerHouse™ from prevailing winds.  The winter prevailing winds are especially detrimental to the vitality of your plants.  If you are unsure of the direction of the prevailing wind, check with your local weather service.   If possible, set your FlowerHouse™ where your garage, home, or other structure can provide defense from the wind.  But be cautious of trees that may block needed sun.  By placing your FlowerHouse near your home, you are sure to spend more quality time in your garden.  Large trees and shrubs can help guard your FlowerHouse™ from wind, as well.  The main door should be located downwind to protect your plants from a blast of outside air when entering or exiting your FlowerHouse™.

Some added features to the FlowerHouse™ assist in its protection from the wind. Once your FlowerHouse™ is fully erected, secure it using all available high-wind tie-downs, and all supplied stakes.  Along the bottom, place heavy materials on the skirting.  Use decorative materials, such as stones, bricks, landscape timers, or potted plants, to weigh it down. In addition to their practical purpose, these materials can be used to decorate the inside and outside of your FlowerHouse™. You should plan to cover the skirting in the interior. Make sure to do so before installing any shelving or plant benches.

As you water your plants, it is impossible not to get water on the ground. To avoid a muddy floor in the interior of your FlowerHouse™, cover it with pea rock, fieldstone, bricks, gravel or mulch.

Before setting up your FlowerHouse™, be sure that it does not violate any law or ordinance in your community.


CAUTION!  Prior to setting up your FlowerHouse™ GreenHouse, contact your local cable, gas and electric company to establish where cable, gas lines and wires are located so no accidents happen while staking down your FlowerHouse™. Failure to do so could result in seriour injury or death.

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