Maximizing Space Usage
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Maximizing Space Usage
Bloom House The variety of ways to use the space in your FlowerHouse™ is endless.  Your local garden center can help you plan a layout for the interior of your FlowerHouse™, and can also provide you with the

materials necessary to do so. The design and layout of your FlowerHouse™ should depend upon the type of plants you choose to grow.

Plant benches or adjustable shelving units along the walls can provide you with a good way to optimize your working space. The area on and below the bench can be used to place your plants. Add shelves for more plants, or remove them for more space. Moreover, raised benches will remove some of the strains from your back with less bending, allowing you to spend more quality time in your FlowerHouse™ garden.



Some gardeners may prefer to make use of the space with trellises. These can be constructed out of just about anything.  A steel, wood or plastic frame can be covered with nylon netting or chicken wire. Attach the material to the frame with nails, staples, or wire.  The purpose is to give the frame enough support to remain standing tall, but leave enough room for plants to grow up and through the materials used.

Some plants do not immediately take to trellising. These plants require a little extra coercion. To keep them growing upward, you may need to tie them to the trellis. Any number of household items can be used, string, shoelaces, wire hangers, or even old video or audio tape. Remember to be cautious when tying up your plants not tying too tight as it could cut the plant.  Other plants such as cucumbers are perfect for trellising. Tendrils, like limbs, grab onto the trellis without the aid of a string to help it up.

Another common material for trellising plants is an old nylon stocking.  They are especially ideal for fruiting plants. Tie one end of the stocking to hold the plant to the trellis. Use the other end to slip over the fruit of the plant. As the fruit grows, the stocking will grow with it and it will also hold the fruit closer to the trellis and prevent its weight from breaking off the plant.

The trellis can also serve as a base for hanging baskets. Attach a hook to the top with enough room for the basket to fit. Hanging baskets cannot be hung from the ceiling of the FlowerHouse™, as it would collapse and could result in serious injury.


Some added features to the FlowerHouse™ assist in its protection from the wind. Once your FlowerHouse™ is fully erected, secure it using all available high-wind tie-downs, and all supplied stakes.  Along the bottom, place heavy materials on the skirting.  Use decorative materials, such as stones, bricks, landscape timers, or potted plants, to weigh it down. In addition to their practical purpose, these materials can be used to decorate the inside and outside of your FlowerHouse™. You should plan to cover the skirting in the interior. Make sure to do so before installing any shelving or plant benches.

As you water your plants, it is impossible not to get water on the ground. To avoid a muddy floor in the interior of your FlowerHouse™, cover it with pea rock, fieldstone, bricks, gravel or mulch.

Before setting up your FlowerHouse™, be sure that it does not violate any law or ordinance in your community.


• Sharp edges of wood, wire, or nails may cut unwanted vents in your FlowerHouse™. Always be sure to soften any sharp edges on trellises, shelving units or furniture so no damage is done to your FlowerHouse.
• Do not hang baskets from the ceiling.

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