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Temperature and Ventilation

Bloom House Temperature plays a vital role in the health of your FlowerHouse™ plants. Thermometers are important to help you monitor the temperature. A digital thermometer is ideal because it can show you the high and low temperatures of the day and night.

When setting up your thermometer, try to find a position where it is not in direct sunlight. Place it in an open-ended, light colored box to get the most accurate reading. Air will flow through the open ends, and the light color will block the sunlight. Although the ideal temperature for the growth of each plant varies, most plants survive well in temperatures between 50° and 85°F (15° and 29°C). There are a number of ways to keep your plants within their ideal temperature range.


Heating your FlowerHouse™ Suggestions:

• Minimize the amount of time the doors are open.
• Completely close all of the vents
•  Place large containers filled with water inside your FlowerHouse™. The water will absorb the heat throughout the day. During nighttime they will release the heat back into your FlowerHouse™. Metal containers work more efficiently than plastic containers, but both work well.
• Grow lights not only provide adequate light for your plants, but they provide heat as well.

Cooling your FlowerHouse™ Suggestions:

• Secure the shade cover to the roof.
• Open the vents and secure them with the window straps.
• Set up a fan in one corner of your FlowerHouse™, it will create an air current for cooling air. To ventilate even more, include a second fan set up in the opposite corner of the first. This will create an especially effective circular air current.
• Check with your local garden center for other shade options.  Most garden centers will carry a washable, spray-on shade cover.


• Use extreme caution when using water near an electrical heater.  Electrocution can cause serious injury or death.
• In cooler weather, open the vents one at a time so your plants do not suffer from a sudden gust of cool air.

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