Watering Your Plants
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Watering in the FlowerHouse

Watering Plants The plants in your FlowerHouse™ will need less water than if they were outside. With the vents closed, the humid conditions inside enable the soil to retain more moisture.  Because of this, take care not to over water your plants. On the other hand, under watering is still a danger.

The soil will dry out more quickly as you ventilate and heat your FlowerHouse™. In order to determine whether or not your plants need to be watered, insert one finger into the soil. If the soil is damp to the touch, your plants can go another day without water. If the soil is dry and dusty, your plants need to be watered immediately.

When using a hose sprayer to water your plants, choose the lowest setting, "mist" or "rain". A forceful sprayer can disturb your plants or the soil they are in. You can also put your plants at risk by watering the leaves. Instead of watering from above, water the soil under the leaf canopy. When the leaves are consistently wet, your plants are more susceptible to disease, such as stem or root rot.

• Take care not to over water or underwater your plants.
• Water your plants using lowest hose setting "mist" or "rain".
• Water the soil under the leaf canopy.

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