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The Vintage
Dimensions: 20" x 67" - 1-1/2" hole
Price: $919.95 

Scientists are discovering what we bird lovers have always known: birds have personalities, too. Whether a bird is shy or bold or somewhere in the middle is encoded in the DNA. But what about love for a mate or pride in offspring leaving the nest? Maybe I'll never know, but I can't think of a better place to keep up my studies than with this majestic beauty of a home. Rising more than 6' with its spun solid copper roof and supremely elegant finial, The Vintage welcomes your birds with 8 luxurious compartments fronted by oval doorways and solid copper ivy perches. Roof removes for easy cleaning, and filigreed fretwork on the base slips over a 4 x 4 for fast simple mounting. Absolutely irresistible.