Good Green Butterfly Kit

 Green is good! Good green butterflies introduce children to the amazing process of insect metamorphosis and encourage them to take care of the earth. When you buy the kit, you also purchase 1/20 of an acre of South American rainforest to offset 2,500 lbs. of carbon.

Kit includes a cup of culture medium with 3 to 5 painted lady larvae, a life-cycle poster with complete instructions, a fold-out butterfly habitat, and a certificate honoring your permanent purchase of rainforest.
Choose these butterflies for your classroom and impact generations!

When ordering
Select "Certificate"  to receive the culture at your convenience.
Or Select "Ship Now" we will ship out the live culture directly to you.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We make every effort to have the materials to arrive on the date requested. However, we cannot guarantee the exact day.
So please plan to receive your living materials on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of the week you select.

SHIP NOW orders will take at least 10 - 12 days before arriving.
Shipping methods on the checkout page do not change this time frame in anyway.

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