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Monarch Magic! Butterfly Activities & Nature Discoveries

Lynn Rosenblatt

Monarch Magic! Butterfly Activities & Nature Discoveries


Children discover the relationship between the beloved Monarch and the milkweed through stunning photographs and hands-on activities. Plant a butterfly garden, chart the monarch's migration, create pompom caterpillars, write cater-poems, serve a butterfly banquet.



“ … no other book offers the same wealth of related activities.”



“… a gem that offers teachers, students, and insect lovers a wealth of information, activities, and resources about monarchs.”


From The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval:

If there is a better book for children about butterflies, we haven't seen it. Filled to the brim with gorgeous photos and text, this book is both imaginative and interesting. It is loaded with great ideas to bring the beauty and wonder of these colorful creatures to life for your children. There are craft concepts, writing and nature projects, along with tips for planting gardens to lure butterflies to your home or neighborhood. The book is upbeat and enthusiastic and that feeling rubs off on the reader. Best of all, children were excited to learn and explore all they could about the magic of the Monarch butterfly.



Imagine a beautiful monarch butterfly — weighing less than a dime and only a few weeks old — setting out on a journey of 2,500 miles, with no map, no directions, and no leader. It’s a marvel of nature … and you can share it!


With more than 100 full-color photos and easy-to-follow text you can learn all about the life cycle and migration of this marvelous butterfly. Then you can learn by doing: raise and release butterflies, chart the annual monarch migration, make life size pom-pom caterpillars, plant a butterfly garden, and much more. This wonderful book will keep you busy learning about Monarchs for hours at a time!



Great book all about the Monarch. Details all stages, from egg to butterfly. Each page has extra highlights like science connection, crafts connection, vocabulary connection. Approximately one half of the book is information, then the second half is activities like keeping a monarch journal, writing poetry, making mobiles and t-shirts and growing milkweed for starters.



The attractive Monarch Magic! begins with a photo-rich chronicle of the monarch butterfly's life cycle, and in subsequent sections presents integrated math, language arts, and art activities designed for ages 4 to 12. I particularly liked the sections on wing symmetry and graphing. Informative side bars are found throughout like the one which asks and answers the question "Do humans shed their skin?" Unfortunately, the map of the monarch's range fails to show their northern range into Canada. A bargain for elementary school libraries and classes studying monarch butterflies.



This delightful book is divided into two sections. The first, highlighted with excellent photographs, chronicles the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. The second is full of butterfly activities for elementary-age students. These interdisciplinary activities include keeping a monarch journal, raising and releasing monarchs, and planting a butterfly garden. Students can learn about the migration habits of this magnificent butterfly and actively track the monarch migration. Useful sidebars encourage readers to take a closer look at specific monarch topics. …With lists of websites and resources, this book could also be a starting point for a butterfly fundraiser, saving monarch habitats, and many other ideas are also included. This book engages the reader in language arts, math, science, and social studies activities while learning about these beautiful, delicate creatures. This book approaches learning in a real-life and dynamic way. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Friends of the Monarchs and the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation.



Monarch Magic!
Butterfly Activities & Nature Discoveries

Lynn Rosenblatt




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