November Book Review -

The Rainbow Butterfly

Halina Wenzel & Bozena Klejne


Rainbow Butterfly


"The Rainbow Butterfly"

Read a story by well known writers that will show you
HOW to change everything in your life for the better.

The Butterfly was there, on the pillow beside her. Agnes closed her eyes again to make sure that she was awake. Then she looked at the pillow again. The Butterfly was still there... it just said:"I come always, when you dream big, when your heart is pure and good, when you don't think only about yourself..."

Agnes understood every word. She was not surprised that the butterfly was able to talk...It said:..."for this, I will tell you a secret. The greatest secret which will make you happy, healthy and well thoughout your whole life. Now and in the future..."

In an instant, Agnes imagined a very difficult magical incantation or a mysterious golden elixir hidden on the bottom of the sea or on the top of the highest mountain, impossible to reach for anyone but a brave knight on his fast steed or a fairy prince who knows spells and charms. Or perhaps this dream Butterfly could get it..."

"This magic word, this spell which opens all gates, doors and passages of the world sounds... This is a true treasure, not fake elixir. But it is more magical than anyone could imagine. It is full of... This treasure is hidden inside... Hardly anyone knows that the... I will tell you one more thing, Agnes..."


 Learn Quickly How To Overcome Sickness.

 Eliminate Fear.

 Boost Your Child's Creativity.

 Increase Self Confidence.

 Stop Worrying.

 Eliminate Negative Thinking.

 Enjoy Inner Peace.

 Enjoy Better Health.

 Eliminate Negative Feelings.

 Take Charge of Your Life.

 Create or alter situations to get what you want.

 Help Your Child To Achieve Goals.

Create and alter situations to your Benefit.

 Eliminate Stress.

 Help Your Child Eliminate Stress.

 Just Read The Story, Laugh And Learn!

 Forget About Problems In Your Life.

 Teaches you how to survive, how to find a way
       to a better future.

 You can help your children pass exams, to be
       better students.

 How to gather energy and use it effectively.

 Learn how to find universal love and truth.


Halina Wenzel was born in Poland in 1942 where she still resides. She is a University graduate with a Masters Degree in Pedagogy. She spent her life teaching children. For years she has studied positive thinking and the power of the mind. She has written over 50 legends, stories and fairy tales for children that have been published in a Polish bi-weekly publication. She has always loved children, animals and nature.


Bozena Klejne was born in Poland, but has lived in Canada for 14 years. She has written several books for audiences of all ages. Bozena uses her fluency in Spanish to operate tours of the Canadian Wilderness in the summer, but her best escapades start in the winter. When she is not writing, she enjoys horseback riding, cowboy action shooting, camping and roaming the wilderness in search of treasures and adventures.


"The Rainbow Butterfly" is a fascinating story about a remarkable
 child  and a fascinating secret...

This is a 'must read', not just for children but for parents too"
-Malcolm Creek, teacher- Alberta, Canada

"A delightful and deeply moving page-turner...
"The Rainbow Butterfly" won my heart"-Lisa R., Austin, TX

"The Rainbow Butterfly" is a living example to everyone everywhere,
that if they can dream it, they can do it.
Practical and inspirational..."-Gilbert Litmann, Chicago, Ill.

"For any child or teenager with a specific dream or a desire
to live fully, it is the best book in the world" 

"Helps children design and live the life of their dreams,
urges readers to action" 

"Taking control of your life - the secrets of successful child and adults." 

"Breaks the grip of bad luck and starts good luck" 

"The Rainbow Butterfly" has inspired many children.
Now, let yourself be inspired and change your life with
secrets of the rainbow butterfly."

"Once you read about Agnes Pine, the girl who has cancer,
you will never forget her, her many mishaps, dreams,
joys or secrets of the rainbow butterfly."

"Reading this story when you are young opens your heart.
Reading this story when you are older fills your heart to the brim."

"The Rainbow Butterfly" is a warm and funny tale about
growing up,  finding success and finding yourself.
It is an essential part of every  young reader`s library
.-W. Glanc- The Only Polish Famous Ventriloquist
and "mindbender"

"After you read this, you will read it again "


The Rainbow Butterfly

Halina Wenzel & Bozena Klejne






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