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Bug Jar

Bug Jars and Kids
What is more fun for a child than collecting creepy, crawly critters in a bug jar? Kids absolutely marvel at their ability to watch lady bugs or ants crawl around inside their bug jar. And they can do this up close and personal, without having to handle the insects unnecessarily.

Bug jars were probably invented for kids who have a fascination with bugs of all kinds. It is almost impossible to think back to one's childhood without the memory of catching some type of insect in a bug jar. The difference is that bug jars of childhoods' past were often old glass canning jars with holes poked in the lids. . .they've come a long way since then.

The Latest and Greatest
The newest bug jars are often sold in stores or over the Internet off specialty sites for people who still hold that fascination with insects. And it's not just for the young, as people of all ages enjoy insects and butterflies as a hobby. These jars are often sold in tandem with other insect paraphernalia, such as butterfly kits or lady bug houses.

Whatever floats your boat in the world of insects, you can't go wrong with a new version of the favorite bug jar. Most are designed with the critter's comfort in mind, allowing you to view them without causing unintended duress. They are ventilated for greater air-flow, and often have easy screw-off tops that allow you to set your bug free when you are done viewing it.


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