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Butterfly Facts

When you see a butterfly, you most likely think of how beautiful that creature is, but there is so much more to butterflies than meets the eye. There are so many butterfly facts that people are unaware of. Many very different and interesting pieces of information about butterflies that you will be amazed by.

Interesting Butterfly Facts Most butterflies prefer flowers that are pink, red, purple, or yellow and that are open all day. Butterflies generally fly only during the day, at night they sleep between blades of grass or find the underside of a leaf. Butterflies cna't hear, but they can feel vibration which works best when hiding from predators. These are butterfly facts that are interesting to know.

Female butterflies are usually bigger and live longer than males. The female butterfly gives off a scent that the male butterfly can smell. Butterflies weigh only as much as two rose petal, but they can fly thousands of miles.

These interesting butterfly facts are not commonly known to many people. There is important butterfly information all around us. Most butterfly enthusiasts are the people that keep up with this sort of information.


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