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Butterfly Feeder

Designed by butterfly biologists, butterfly feeders are scientifically created to attract butterflies to your garden. Butterfly feeders are a wonderful invention to attract the most beautiful creatures for your viewing pleasure. Just place your butterfly feeder in your garden and before you know it, you will be watching butterflies fluttering in and out.

What Makes a Butterfly Feeder?
A butterfly feeder is made by professional design. They are made of bright red and yellow colors that will attract the butterflies. They are made to hold fruit and contain a small resevoir for nectar.

Butterfly Nectar
Butterfly nectar is a special formula created by professional butterfly breeders to attract all types of butterflies. It is a powder that disolves instntly in water and is perfect for butterfly feeding. Place the nectar in your butterfly feeder and soon you will see butterflies.

Butterfly feeders will attract many beautiful butterflies. They also make a wonderful asset to your garden. Once the butterflies start coming to the butterfly feeder, they will discover the plants in your garden and you will be seeing these amazing creatures all day long.


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