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Butterfly Feeding

Butterfly Feeding Kits
Butterfly feeding kits are often sold in tandem with butterfly kits that allow you to "grow" butterflies. These kits often include butterfly larvae or caterpillars, with all the essential tools to help the butterfly in its transformation. Butterfly feeding is just an added ingredient to this list of essentials.

Butterfly feeding really means supplying the butterfly you wish to "grow" from a kit with the proper nutrition. Most butterflies feed on nectar or a plant of some variety. Monarch butterflies can be attracted to your yard if you plant milkweed in your garden.

Build It and They Will Come
If your goal is to attract butterflies to your garden, then it really becomes necessary to plant the right trees or flowers. Almost all butterfly species eat nectar, or the leaves of certain plants. They also need water, as they "drink" the nectar from flowers that mix with water.

If you are purchasing a butterfly feeding kit, then you will be supplied with the correct food from the retailer or breeder. Most often, these butterfly feeding kits contain a feeder that mounts to a wall or can be hung, as well as non-fermenting artificial nectar to attract and feed most species of butterflies. You just have to add warm water to the mix, and wait for your butterflies to come!


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