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Butterfly Houses

The Beauty of Butterfly Houses
Butterfly houses are built to attract butterflies and make a wonderful decoration for your garden. Butterfly houses are built from wood and have small slots on them, which are the ideal size for keeping birds out. They also give butterflies protection from the wind and weather.

Butterflies will be most likely to visit your butterfly house by having a source of nectar close by. Nectar is used to attract all types of beautiful butterflies. You will have fun watching them as they enjoy their new home.

Decorated Butterfly Houses
Butterfly houses are each individually hand-painted. This makes each of them original and special. They enhance the beauty of your garden with the brightly painted colors while attracting butterflies.

Butterfly houses are sometimes made with a door for cleaning and for placing long twigs to give butterflies a place to rest. With a butterfly house you will be able to watch the butterflies feeding on nectar right in your own garden. It is most definitely a breathtaking site.


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