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Butterfly Nets

What Butterfly Nets Are Made of
Butterfly nets are made of durable spring steel wire hoops, with a smooth hardwood handle. The actual net itself is soft, yet tough and helps not to damage delicate insects such as butterflies. The net bags are designed to be able to flop over and retain your catch without being too long or awkward.

Professional quality butterfly nets are made tough for serious explorers. They are very durable and easy to grab, with proportional length handles for children. One of the best positions to catch one, is perhaps, when you see the butterfly feeding on a flower.

Butterfly Net Uses
Many people use butterfly nets most obviously to catch butterflies. They are also used to catch other insects. A butterfly net makes a great gift for the young explorer.

Butterfly nets are also used for collecting insects in ponds. A pond net is made tougher for serious water use. It makes a great net for collecting just about any insect.


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