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Butterfly Prints

The Making of Butterfly Prints
Butterfly prints are hand-painted flower paintings and scenes combined with real butterflies. These wonderful works of art are created by artists who have a lot of talent and display it along with their admiration of butterflies. Many talented artists have shown butterflies as a beautiful work of art through their butterfly prints.

Where Do the Butterflies Come from?
The butterfly specimens that are used in butterfly prints come from butterfly farms in Australia, Asia, North, Central and Southern America rainforest areas which breed and supply living and non-living butterfly specimens for collectors all around the world. Using butterflies from the wild is not an option for these artists because they are damaged. All butterflies used in butterfly prints are legally imported to the U.S.

Butterfly farms are economical because they help to save the rainforest. They provide foreign people with other income rather than clearing the tropical forest. Raising butterflies to sell is the only incentive they have to save their rainforests.

Protecting Your Prints
Butterflies used in the prints are naturally preserved. They should retain their beauty for years, providing they are kept from high humidity and bright sunlight. The prints should also be kept from extreme temperatures.


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