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Butterfly Releases

Butterfly Releases for All Occasions
Butterfly releases have become a popular trend in recent years. People appreciate the beauty and elegance of butterflies, and realize that releasing them at special events demonstrates originality. Butterfly releases leave a lasting impression upon guests, who will take that memory with them long after the party is over.

Enhance any special occasion with butterflies. From weddings to garden parties, butterfly releases add an elegant touch that will surprise all of your guests. There is something spectacular about watching beautiful butterflies flutter up into the sky, as they emerge from their basket or envelope.

Butterfly Themes and Accessories
Perhaps the most appropriate events to use butterfly releases would be garden weddings or bridal showers. Butterflies love warm temperatures and bright sunlight, so if your holding an event in an outdoor setting, they will bring joy and wonder to all of your guests. Making butterflies a theme of your party will add an elegant and beautiful touch to your day.

There are probably not a lot of people who have had the privilege of attending a ceremony where butterflies were released into nature. This is a new trend that is gaining in popularity as people realize its potential for making events even more special and unique. The next time you have an event to plan, think of using butterfly releases to surprise your guests.


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