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Butterfly Wedding Release

Having a Butterfly Wedding Release
The releasing of live butterflies is a breathtaking site. It is beautiful and makes any occasion unforgettable. A butterfly wedding release will make your wedding a memorable and inspiring one.

Butterfly wedding release is a unique and captivating alternative to rice, balloons, and birdfeed. It symbolizes new life, and is ideal for any couple getting married. With a butterfly wedding release, your guests will surely be amazed.

Everyone Stops to Watch a Butterfly
A butterfly wedding release is a beautiful accent to any wedding. These wonderful creatures will be gently flying away, as you watch their bright colors fade into the environment. Create a unique and touching moment you and your guests will cherish forever.

A butterfly wedding release also helps to educate the public by raising their awareness to the beauty and magic of these creatures. Releasing butterflies also helps replenish decreasing populations of these exhilarations creatures. To make your wedding a royal event, consider butterfly wedding release.


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