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Lady Bug House

The Purpose of Lady Bug Houses
Lady bug houses provide protection from predators and weather like wind and rain. They create a similar habitat that lady bugs search for when they want to hibernate during the fall and winter. Lady bug houses are nicely painted and made of wood to fit into any environment.

Lady bug houses are comparable to butterfly houses where they are both used to attract these beautiful insects. The lady bug houses are made with small slots to allow them in, and keep birds and other insect eating predators out. They are also made with a removable roof to view the lady bugs.

Lady Bugs
Lady bugs are the most well known beneficial insects. They feed on soft-bodied insects such as aphids, scale insects, and other insects that are harmful to plants. Because they feed on these pests, a lady bug house would make a great fixture in your garden.

Lady bug houses encourage lady bugs to stay in your garden. They are also a great place for lady bugs to stay and lay their eggs and go through metamorphosis. Just like butterflies, they are a wonderful addition to anyone's backyard.


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