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Monarch Butterfly Kits

Buying Monarch Butterfly Kits
The monarch butterfly is probably the most well known of all the butterfly species, and perhaps even the most beautiful. Adults and children alike find great pleasure in watching a passing monarch butterfly. They are delicate creatures that are able to endure such an amazing journey, allowing us the privledge of an occasional glimpse or two when we cross their paths.

For this reason, it has become popular for people of all ages to study butterflies as a hobby. Just as some people go bird watching, some people go butterfly watching. Now it is possible to watch the amazing transformation from caterpillar into beautiful butterfly by purchasing monarch butterfly kits.

The Essentials
Most suppliers of monarch butterfly kits will send you these packages with a few basic ingredients. You will receive either monarch larvae or caterpillars, ranging in quantity from two or three to as much as five or six. The kit will also contain milkweed seeds, artificial diet or live milkweed plant leaves, rearing cage, larvae brush, feeding kit, observation, emergence, breeding tent, and instruction sheet.

Monarch butterfly kits allow the butterfly hobbyist to enjoy the amazing transformation from larvae to beautiful butterfly in the comfort of their own home. Most kits range in price from 30 to 40 dollars, and butterfly accessories such as butterfly nets, or cards with butterfly facts can be added at an additional cost. This could possibly be a butterfly lovers dream.


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