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Monarch Butterfly Release

Special Occasions Call for Monarch Butterfly Release
When most people think of butterflies, they immediately picture the monarch butterfly. This is perhaps the most majestic of all butterfly species, and there are often artists who dedicate their entire careers to butterfly art that features the monarch butterfly. Monarch butterfly release is just another way we are able to demonstrate our admiration for this beautiful insect.

A Monarch butterfly release will enhance any special occasion. Often, when we think of giving our guests tokens of our appreciation, simple party favors come to mind. But the next time you really want to wow your guests, consider a monarch butterfly release.

The Gift of a Cherished Memory
When you participate in a butterfly release, you and your guests will never forget the magical appearance of these majestic beauties. As they emerge from their envelope or basket, an appointed guest can read words from an American Indian Legend. This legend urges us to tell a butterfly a wish, and when that butterfly is released, it will reveal your secret to the Great Spirit, who always grants wishes to those who set butterflies free.

What a beautiful memory to take home with you from a special event. Releasing butterflies into the wild has become a way to enhance the spirit of all cherished events. It is also a way to ensure that you never forget that day, when you watched beautiful monarch butterflies fly to freedom.


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