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Monarch Videos

Monarch Videos and Information
When one thinks of a butterfly, it is perhaps the monarch butterfly that comes to mind first. Butterflies add such beauty and grace to our environment, and it is only natural that they have become such a source of interest for many people. Monarch videos allow admirers of this species to learn about them from the comfort of home.

Monarch videos follow the amazing journey into the life of a monarch butterfly. You will get to travel to an incredible monarch over-wintering site in Mexico with over 40 million monarchs! These informational videos provide the viewer with an in-depth look at the enigmatic monarch butterfly, tracing it's incredible long distance migration and it's fantastic life-cycle.

Educational Fun
Monarch videos will fascinate children and adults alike. You will get to see monarchs shot on location, in such places as Santa Barbara, San Diego, Mexico, and Kansas. Yes, Kansas. . .these butterflies migrate thousands of miles to reach their warm and sunny destinations!

These videos are often sold off websites that specialize in butterfly accessories and butterfly kits. There is a whole host of products and videos out there to fulfill your butterfly information needs. You may even have a lot of fun in the process!


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