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Butterfly and Insect Jewelry
For the insect or butterfly lover, there is something special about fine jewelry in the shape of a beautiful butterfly or other favorite critter. Butterfly art is quite popular, as many people have made hobbies out of studying butterflies. In fact, insect jewelry in general has become quite a trend, and can be seen in magazines and at upscale jewelers.

It is not uncommon to flip through the pages of a fashion magazine, and see advertisements for jewelers displaying diamond butterfly pendants, or turtle pendants made out of emeralds. Insect jewelry runs the gamut, from very pricey to the less expensive costume pieces. Young and old alike enjoy the beauty an exquisitely made piece of jewelry brings.

From Earrings to Pendants
If you can imagine it, you can find it. Jewelers have honed their skills in making insect jewelry, and often enjoy the creative process that it entails. Pendants are very popular, as they can be hung from a necklace chain, or attached to a charm bracelet.

The versatility of pendants makes them an appealing choice when choosing jewelry of any style and taste. For someone who loves insects of all sorts, this can be a way to display their affection for such critters. It certainly shows off your individuality and sense of creative fun.


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