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Releasing Butterflies

Releasing Butterflies for Special Occasions
Butterfly feeders are experienced and professional. They provide butterflies for butterfly releases at special occasions. Any special event such as weddings, births, memorial services, and graduations would have a lasting memory with these beautiful butterflies.

Butterfly Releasing Process
Live butterflies are placed into individual release boxes, or envelopes and shipped overnight. This will ensure healthy butterflies are delivered the day before your special event. The releasing butterflies process is not complicated at all, it is a very simple process.

How Butterfly Releases Work
When you receive the overnight package containing the butterflies, open package and keep the butterflies in a cool place but not the refrigerator. An hour before releasing butterflies into the open, place them in a basket or other container to pass out to your guests. Have the participants gather around in a circle and watch the beautiful butterflies being set free.

Releasing butterflies is a wonderful way to celebrate a special day. It is recommended to release the butterflies in warm weather. This way they will be in their natural habitat.


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