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Squirrel House

Squirrel House Purposes
Squirrels are considered pests among the bird feeders and many other mammal that is looking for food. With a squirrel house they would enjoy their own space and have room of their own. Squirrels are active little creatures so why not give them a place t call home.

Squirrels are fun animals to watch. With a squirrel house you may just have a whole family of squirrels to watch. Most squirrels are usually born in the spring, which is when you should see them popping out of their home.

Squirrel Information
A squirrel's diet consists of nuts, seeds, and fruit. It will eat bird eggs, seeds, and even animal carcass if there is no other food source available. If you have an insect feeder, you should probably keep it away from the squirrel house.

A squirrel house makes a beautiful addition to any home or garden. It provides squirrels with a sturdy place to make their nests and raise their young. You can watch them all year as they stock their home with food and nesting.


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