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Turtle Pendant

Turtle Pendants and Insect Jewelry
Insect and reptile jewelry is a new trend that seems to be reaching an all-time high. Women everyone are sporting chains and pendants that look like real-life insects or reptiles! There are turtle pendants made out of emeralds, or butterfly pins consisting of diamonds, topaz, and onyx.

How original you want to be is up to you. But it's not difficult these days to find fine jewelers who custom-make insect and reptile jewelry. Fashion magazines showcase beautiful women wearing turtle pendants, bumblebee pins, or spider earrings.

If You Can Imagine It. . .
Whatever you can imagine in your mind about insect and reptile jewelry, it can probably be created. Do you love dragon flies? Then you could have gorgeous dragon fly earrings made out of sparkly diamonds, created just for your pleasure.

Or maybe you are more of a reptile person. Then an emerald- ladden turtle pendant might fit the bill for you. Whatever your pleasure, the ability to create an exquisite piece of jewelry is never more than a proposition away.


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