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Wedding Butterflys

Wedding Butterflies for Your Special Day
Considering wedding butterflies for your special day? There is no need to think much longer, it is definitely a wonderful choice. Butterflies add a beautiful symbol of new life and meaning to your life. Nothing could enhance a wedding more than to have butterflies fluttering and lifting away.

Wedding butterflies will have your guests in amazement. These beautiful creatures will be a memory for everyone at your wedding. Wedding butterflies speak for themselves, as elegant creatures.

Releasing Butterflies
After saying your vows, release the butterflies and they will lift your vows up to the heavens. Wedding butterflies come in all types, sizes, and colors. It is a wonderful way to celebrate love, life, and a new beginning.

The Monarch Butterfly
The majority of butterflies released at weddings are monarch butterflies. This is most likely because they are the strongest of the butterflies. They also have beautiful coloring in their wings.


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