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Why Release Butterflies At Your Wedding?

Why Release Butterflies at Your Wedding and Other Special Occasions?
Butterflies are quite possibly the most beautiful insects on earth. They are cherished by people around the world for their grace and elegance. Therefore it's no surprise that people are using butterfly releases at their weddings and other special occasions.

Why release butterflies at your wedding? Stated simply, nothing makes a more elegant statement than a beautiful butterfly release. It shows off one of natures' greatest creations, and allows your guests the joy of experiencing this first hand.

Butterfly Wedding Themes
If you choose to use a butterfly wedding theme, you are in for a pleasantly rewarding day. A butterfly release is just one option for a butterfly wedding package. You can also choose favors, cake toppers, and even butterfly guest books to accentuate the theme of your day.

Why release butterflies at your wedding? Because it will add elegance and beauty to an already sentimental day. There is nothing more unique and spectacular than watching brightly colored butterflies take flight into the blue sky. It will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.


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