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Flutterby - The Original Butterfly Feeder

Flutterby Butterfly Feeder

The Flutterby, the worlds first butterfly feeder attracts and feeds numerous species of butterflies.  Easy to fill and clean, the Flutterby holds 12 ounces of nectar, has accommodations for fruit, and can be hung or post mounted.  The high-impact polycarbonate casing is leak and bee proof and has a built-in ant guard moat.

The Flutterby design is so unique that the US Government  issued Patent # 5,269,258.  Place this feeder near your garden or by a window and watch the action as these magnificent flyers feed and bring joy to young and old alike.  The Flutterby is designed for years and years of use.

Flutterby Feeder - $16.50 Flutterby Butterfly Feeder


Butterfly Nectar - Nature Products has tested hundreds of nectar combinations and now offers a nectar that is specifically designed to attract butterflies.  This nectar will  keep them robust, healthy and at their reproductive peak.  This proven formula developed by entomologists contains glucose, fructose, calcium, salts, halide salts, and amino acids; it's totally pure and non-toxic.
    Each box of Butterfly Nectar contains two five ounce packages of Nectar and can be applied, by mister bottle, on flowers to attract Butterflies to your yard and Flutterby feeder.

Butterfly Nectar - $4.95 Butterfly Nectar

Butterfly Nectar


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