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Hang ups & Other

Great Hang-Up - Holds feeders, chimes, suet, plants, and Hummingbird feeders to your window. See the birds up close as they feed right in front of your eyes.  The Great Hang-Up stays secure to your window with large size suction cups especially designed for outdoor duty. The size and shape of the Great Hang-Up holds the feeders away from the glass yet allow you to enjoy all the beauty of watching your feathered friends up and close. The Great Hang-Up will hold  up to 3 lbs. and is a heat and sun proof hanger.

Great hang up - $5.95

Great Hang-up

Bird Saver

Birdsaver - Stops birds from flying into windows.
This quality Vinyl adhesive backed design is for outdoor use. The black diving sparrow hawk with 14 wingspan frightens birds keeping them from flying into your picture or patio windows.  Birds fly into widonws because they see the reflection of the sky. The Birdsaver breaks up the reflection and gives a point of reference and alerts them to danger

Bird saver - $1.95

Butterfly Hibernation Box is built of Western Red Cedar and is designed to simulate the natural crevices found in tree bark, wood piles, fallen timber and wood structures.

With a 3 piece mounting pole kit and instructions.

Butterfly Hibernation Box - $59.95
Butterfly Hibernation Box


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