Larvae Refill Kit

Larvae Refill Kit, Painted Lady Refill Kit, Caterpillar refill

Vanessa cardui. Five larvae shipped in a clear, 8-oz rearing chamber with food. Larvae pupate and emerge as adults in about 30 days. At least 3 out of 5 larvae are guaranteed to emerge as healthy adult butterflies. With instructions.

After the adults emerge, try breeding them. All you need is the proper host plant for the adults to lay eggs on. The Mallow Plant is the painted lady's natural host. Once your new generation of caterpillars hatch, they will be hungry, and the mallow plant is the perfect source of food for them.


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Address Multiple Life Science Topics
Painted lady butterflies are appropriate for all grade levels but especially effective for grades K-8. They enable students to observe complete metamorphosis, from caterpillar to chrysalis to adult butterfly. Students can then compare the butterfly life cycle to that of other animals or investigate how temperature affects insect development time. General life scence topics can be addressed as well, including how form fits function and what organisms need to survive.

Committed to Quality
We are committed to producing quality, exclusive painted lady butterfly kits and cultures for educators. The hallmark of our commitment to quality is our highly trained scientific staff. They continually monitor butterfly production and work to improve our kits and cultures. And if you ever need assistance, their expertise is at your disposal. Our exclusive painted lady butterflies are cultured in the laboratory so they do not deplete natural populations, and they are backed by the Carolina Pledge: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Painted Lady Larvae Refill Kit


Larvae Refill Kit


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